About Us

At Sinoc we bring together some of the best minds in the business from our research team and consultants at top universities to create the ultimate in cryptocurrency mining technology. With our team of researchers, scientists, consultants and IT specialists we have come up with the best products for your cryptocurrency mining needs. We help provide you with top of the line quality products that have been designed with the progressive advancement of IPFS and the use of the blockchain to meet everyday needs in mind.


Wei Wu

Wei is the founder of Sinoc, and an accomplished software developer.

Kaitlon Boissonneault
Lead Writer

Kaitlon is our Lead Writer at Sinoc, where she manages our blog, social media platforms, and marketing strategy.

Jose Toti Rodriguez
Android Software Developer

Jose is a senior Android software developer.

Troy Ciesco
Full-Stack Developer

Troy is a full-stack developer at Sinoc. His top skills include JavaScript, React, Python, Django, and Amazon Web Services. He also helps guide some of the product planning and management for the company.

Sandesh Shrestha
Back-End Developer

Sandesh is experienced with the Cloud APP internet interface, event-driven serverless computing and Amazon DynamoDB. He graduated from the University of Connecticut CSE department.


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