Mining Machine


Our mining machine not only provides the capability to produce four different types of coin, but our AI technology provides a seamless experience coupled with an advanced management system for all your mining needs. You can also become an affiliate here. 我們的采礦機不僅能夠生產四種不同類型的加密貨幣,而且我們的AI技術提供了無縫連接的體驗,並配有先進的管理系統,可滿足您的所有采礦需求。 申請你的直推鏈接. 

Features 特征

Earn 81% when mining Sinoc Coin with our machine. 獲得礦池81%的分配率。

Our machine fully supports IPFS mining. 支持IPFS挖礦標準。

Join an involved community with unparalleled support. 加入一個有著無與倫比的支持的社區。

Specifications 產品規格

处理器Intel 酷睿六核处理器 I5-8400CPUIntel Core Processor I5-8400
主频2.8GHzMain frequency 2.8 GHz
内存DDR4 2400 8G*2 16GMemoryDDR4 2400 8G*2 16G
标配系统盘32G M.2System disk 32G M.2
硬盘4TB + 4个热插拔 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD 4TB + 4 x hot-swappable 2.5"/3.5" SATA
最大支持容量12T*4Maximum raw capacity12T*4

Purchase Options 購買選項

- BASIC 基本型 -

898 USDT

Sold Out! 售馨
  • Plotted machine 出廠預先P盤
  • No Sinoc Coin pre-loaded 不帶抵押幣
  • No min. mining period 可隨時解押

How to Order 購買步驟





重要聲明: 您必須準確填寫此表格,以便我們確認您的訂單並將您的機器發送給您。

Fill out the below order form with your contact and shipping information, as well as how many machines you'd like to order.

We will send you an email with our USDT wallet address.

When you get this email, send the appropriate amount of USDT to that address and then reply to the email with a screenshot of the transaction.

After we confirm the transaction id and email matches an order form, we will start the shipping process.

IMPORTANT: You must fill out this form accurately so that we can confirm your order and send you the machine.