Brazil Records its First Blockchain-Exclusive Birth Certificates

Brazil’s first birth certificates have been registered on the blockchain. Families were able to sidestep the typical procedures with the civil registry office, and complete the registration process in record time. Álvaro de Medeiros Mendonça was one of the first children to take part in the project. Álvaro’s father, Waldyr Mendonça Junior, said the normally days-long registration took about five minutes.  According to the Sept. 1 announcement, parents wereRead more

Miller Lite Launches Blockchain-based Trivia Game

Miller Lite is looking to make beer and blockchain a winning combination, literally. The popular beer brand from brewer MillerCoors has worked in tandem with Vatom Labs to create a blockchain-based trivia game. 

Proof of Capacity Simplified

If you frequent the crypto-space you’ve probably heard mention of Proof of Work or Proof of Stake. These consensus algorithms are used to guarantee that blockchain transactions happen in a trustless way, so that tokens are spent only once.

The Ethereum Constantinople Hard Fork: What it is and What to Expect

Speculation surrounds Ethereum as it nears the long awaited system-wide upgrade, Constantinople. The upgrade, expected to activate Wednesday, Jan. 16, is what’s known as a hard fork — all nodes need to be updated at once to continue working together.

US Lawmakers Suggest Exempting Crypto from Securities Law

In the US, recent actions have been taken that would exempt crypto from falling under the decades-old definition of a security.

Court ruling could mean good news for ICOs

Many are left wondering where the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will strike next, after last week’s crackdown on two big-name celebrities. But could another monumental ruling give crypto initial coin offerings (ICO) a better chance against the SEC in the courtroom?

Amazon Launches Service for Building Blockchains

After years of steering clear of the blockchain hype, Amazon is now embracing the technology by introducing two new products.

Sinoc Mainnet (Public Chain) is Available

Dear Sinoc Fans,   Welcome to Sinoc Weekly (11/19/18 – 11/25/18). The Sinoc project aims to build a decentralized autonomous game mainnet based on blockchain technology, and establish a new game development and operation model. In order to communicate better with everyone, we will publish the latest developments of the Sinoc project here.

Wondering what to do with those unwanted gift cards?

Panic is sweeping through corners of the crypto world as Bitcoin continues to plunge below $5,000. But that’s not stopping peer-to-peer (P2P) Bitcoin marketplace Paxful from gearing up for its busiest time of year.

A Tale of Two Blockchains

The hash war rages on in the crypto community – several hours after Bitcoin Cash broke off into two distinct blockchains.